Captain Matt LeTourneau honored by 10k Burpee Challenge participants 

The burpee is an infamous full body, cardiac exercise that combines a squat, pushup, and jump
into one fluid workout. Popularized during World War II when the military adopted the exercise
as a way to...

30,000 burpees in 1 year!

10,000 Burpees just isn’t enough for some people. Apparently, neither was 20,000. By popular demand, we are proud to present, the 30k Burpee Challenge for 2019! Yes, 30,000 burpees in 1 calendar year!

A crazy group of people taking on the 10k an...

The official 10k Burpee Challenge offers participants a finisher’s patch if they are bad enough to complete 10,000 burpees in 1 calendar year!

Most people avoid the suckfest we call burpees, right? Not this group! A new event is betting on large groups of people being...

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Spartan Announces 2020 Stadion Series with New Venues and Additional Events

December 20, 2019

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