Eyes On The Prize: Danielle “Dee” Esposito

February 17, 2018

As digital marketer from Queens, NY, Danielle “Dee” Esposito always has her eyes on her next challenge. Motivated by more than just the physical grind, she’s always pushing her personal and psychological boundaries. When she’s not working, you can find her doing something awesome – be it CrossFitting, rucking, meal prepping or just hanging out with her ultra-awesome pitbull Nala!

Eudurance Trifecta Complete.


The Beginnings…


I ran my first OCR in 2014. It was the CitiField Spartan Sprint, which quickly rolled in to the Tuxedo & PA sprints, the NJ Super and Killington Beast. That season totally changed my life. I can genuinely say that OCR saved me in a lot of ways and I’ve never been more grateful.

The Best Of It All


As far as accomplishments…the best is definitely my Endurance Trifecta. Hands down. I had my Ultra and Hurricane Heat done and was chasing the Hurricane Heat 12 Hour. I DNF’ed my first attempt at it and after a weekend of those DNF Blues, I signed myself up for the last HH12HR of the season across the country.


I just didn’t feel like I was ready to shut the door to my 2017 goals. And I can get kind of obsessive… so I flew over to LA and after 13-ish hours, I earned my patch and finished my Endurance Trifecta. I can’t fully explain the feeling in words, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled.


Eyes On Getting It Done…Always.


This Is The Why…

I race for a variety of reasons, and all of them have to do with something bigger than a medal. It’s really more of a spiritual experience for me than anything else. I’m really in to the mind-game aspect of these, when you’re completely alone in the woods and you have nothing to push you forward but yourself. I love that.


I think that OCR makes people better more than just physically, but it challenges our minds and makes us stronger and more adept to dealing with hard situations. Knowing there’s always an ending and pushing your body to bring you there. OCR makes me feel more alive that anything else I’ve ever done, and feeling raw and truly alive is something that I don’t think enough people tap in to.


What Can I Do Next?


I want to ruck a Trifecta this season, meaning wear a ruck for a sprint/super/beast. Other than that, I’m looking in to the 2018 Ultra’s and more endurance events. Because that fire burns brighter than any other I’ve experienced. And that’s some cool shit.


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