OCR Athlete To Motivator: Luke Hayes

February 17, 2018

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager Luke Hayes has been passionate about training and physical fitness since his early teens. It’s only natural that this dedication has turned into a driving force to become a top OCR athlete and champion. Check out how it all started with a single race…and became so much more!


Becoming a top OCR athlete…


Starting Slow…Soon Becoming Hooked.

My first ever OCR was a Warrior Dash in 2013. I went with a group of friends, got super muddy, had a bunch of fun, but wasn’t hooked….yet. The next year I tried the Spartan Super at Wintergreen.

I honestly thought I was going to die! There was a double black diamond that went straight up for a full mile in the fog and rain. Everything was wet and muddy and I failed a few obstacles(and did the burpees), but I loved it! I loved the challenge, I loved being sore the next day, and I loved being outdoors with awesome people.


If They Can Do It…Why Can’t I?


In 2015 I earned my first spartan trifecta. This is the year my competitive nature started to set in. I saw some of the elite racers and thought to myself, “if they can do it, why can’t I?” Since 2016 I have focused on improving my athleticism and earning my place as a top Obstacle Course Racing athlete.


Inspire others as I do the work


I race because I want to win, but also because I want to inspire others. I want to show people that you can go from where I was: almost no running, poor nutrition, and little functional strength, to being a top OCR athlete. I also want to help people become the best versions of themselves.

That’s why I started my company, Trio Fitness (You can visit Trio Fitness online at  http://www.triofitlife.com ). I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Trio Fitness is my way of helping people from all types of backgrounds take their first steps toward Obstacle Course Racing.

Work Becomes Motivation…Inspiration.

My proudest moments so far are getting 3rd race at a Terrain Racing event and participating in the 2017 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship 15k and 3k pro heats. My goal is to motivate, help, and inspire others while working my way to become World Champion!

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