Maintaining a Healthy, Active Lifestyle with Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione

February 18, 2018


So, I have been a professional brewer for 23 years. And by default that makes me a professional drinker. Over this 23 years I have averaged numerous beers consumed every single day. I try to do something active every day – paddleboard, bike and yoga mostly. And sometimes run. So I kept weight off for most of these 23 years, but I am now 48 years old and I noticed by December 2017 my midsection was somewhat of an everything bagel … you know, a little round, a little squishy.


But now, thanks to #JanuQuenchy, it’s more like a bagel-thin…or a pita bread thingy…weird analogy I know, but that’s not the point. The point is #JanuQuenchy! You’re probably thinking, “#JanuQuenchy? What in the F is #JanuQuenchy?” Really, I made it up, and me and my fellow Dogfish Head co-workers brought it to life. So I’m pretty stoked about it and to share the deets with you!

Every year my resolution is the same … to work off those holiday party cannolis. And every. damn. year. I suck at making it happen. As I’m getting older, my metabolism just isn’t what it used to be, but my love for enjoying intensely flavorful ales is far from waning. Insert, #JanuQuenchy. The goal was simple—lose ten pounds in one month while still enjoying beer every day. The regiment has only three rules, all self-prescribed and self-monitored.

  1. I‘m committed to having one 12 oz. can of SeaQuench Ale every day in January.

  2. I won’t have French fries or cheesesteaks (probably two of my favorite foods) during the month.

  3. I’ll do something healthy / active with my body every day.

That’s it – a little workout and a can of SeaQuench Ale every day with the intention of dropping 10 pounds by midnight January 28. I’m more than half way through and my ‘goal jacket’ already feels a little looser.


What is it they say? Everything in moderation, right? I’m a firm believer of that. I can, no doubt, embrace my love for everything craft beer (even drinking it) and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance. As an active person who bikes down the trails in beautiful coastal Delaware or paddle boards down the canal in my hometown of Lewes every morning, Warrior Dash is a race that celebrates that active spirit and we’re thrilled to join #WarriorNation in 2018.


Many of you reading are probably skeptical of #JanuQuenchy and and are saying to yourselves, “Is he serious?” But I am serious, and I’m taking #JanuQuenchy super seriously. I’ve invited all of my co-workers here at Dogfish Head to take this challenge with me, and more than 45 are rounding out their journeys. You can check out our #JanuQuenchy training video here.


My homeboy Justin in logistics and packaging has already lost 10 points. And Matt E. who oversees maintenance has lost 8. SeaQuench Ale has become the fastest growing beer in the history of our 22-year company. It isn’t bitter like an IPA. We are psyched to see it is appealing to margarita lovers and


Pinot Gris lovers as much as it appeals to craft beer enthusiasts. It’s a lower calorie and lower carb beer, at 140 calories and 9 carbs per 12 oz. serving. It’s a super refreshing 4.9 ABV session sour brewed with lime juice, sea salt and black limes. Actually, for a beer, it’s inordinately thirst-quenching and has double the amount of electrolytes as Gatorade! How awesome is that?!


Even though #JanuQuenchy is coming to an end, the idea of the challenge remains. And I challenge you, dear reader, to create and complete your own form of #JanuQuenchy; a challenge that helps you maintain that balance in your life.

And if you are out at one of the upcoming Warrior Dashes, stop by our tent and try a SeaQuench Ale for yourself! Keep an eye out for me too … I just might be enjoying a SeaQuench at the finish line.


Sam Calagione, CEO & Founder of Dogfish Head


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