Laura Crabtree: A New Path To Follow

March 12, 2018


For Laura Crabtree, OCR has become a path of transformation and change. This 26-year old Spartan Regionals qualifier discovered the positive, personal development power of OCR relative recently. However, she has dedicated the full force of her being to meeting whatever it throws her way. Consistency, motivation and determination has proven that this Spartan woman is a force with big goals and even bigger potential.


More Than Inspiring Beginnings...


In January 2016 I hit a crossroads in my life. I had to choose whether to stay on the path I was on or choose to create a new path for myself. This new path would have no certainty, no promises and no sympathy for my past, but would take me far from the rock bottom which is where I was at. 


I have a history of a cross country background, but I was out of the game for quite sometime and I knew I had a lot of work to do. I gave myself ten months to train for my first Spartan which would be the Sacramento Sprint 2016. 


I still remember the day I jumped into that starting line. I was absolutely terrified. Sure, I had hit the starting line many times before but never for an OCR. I can remember every detail like is was yesterday. It took me almost two hours to complete that first Sprint – I was on top of the world. 


Strong...Spartan Strong


I started my first “off season” training right after that race. I trained mostly by myself on a little running and did some stuff at a local kickboxing gym. I also attended the Spartan WOT in Berkeley where I met SGX Coach Joseph Bautista. I hustled four months to prepare for my season opener in 2017. I went into that first race confident and finished with a ten minute PR. That is when I knew I was right where I belonged.


Next up I went to Monterey where I held my Super time steady. Between the Monterey Super and the third week of July, everything changed. SGX Coach Joseph Bautista reached out to me and offered me training I couldn’t walk away from. I immediately committed myself to his training.


He began writing my training plans, working with me one on one, teaching me obstacle technique and it all took off like a rocket. 

I completed two trifectas in 2017 finishing up my season back in Sacramento for redemption. That Sprint has to be my proudest moment, I finished the race with an hour PR and placed inside the top 20 Elite women. Finishing off my first full Spartan season, now as an Elite Athlete.



I May Fail...But That Keeps Me Hooked.


2018 is going to be a whole new beast, my goals are big. I’ve already raced once, I ran Competitive Age Group and placed fifth in the Super qualifying me for Regionals, which crushed one goal already.


I shaved an hour off my Super time in SoCal, giving me another new PR. I also had a perfect race that race - crushing another 2018 goal early on. My next goal is to podium in age group and then finish top ten Elite at least once this season.


I have competed in a few other OCR races but there is just something about Spartan, maybe it’s the mere thought that I might not finish, I might fail. That is what keeps me hooked.


Images courtesy: Laura Crabtree. For more, connect at @ocrlaura






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