Organizer Gilbert Grundy Brings together 100 Runners to Break US 100xMile Record

June 5, 2018

The Portland Culture comes alive for the World Record Attempt at the 100xMile, only to fall short and receive the US record


Portland (June 2nd, 2018) – After a short notice to most of these runners from local track clubs, such as the Bowerman Track Club and the Jacuzzi Boys, organizer Gilbert Grundy pulls off the US record at the Duniway City Park. Gilbert Grundy, originally from Guilford, UK, brought together 100 runners to set the US record straight with an attempt for the World record, within reach.


What started at 8 am Saturday morning on June 2nd, 2018, looked grim to many runners in the early hours of this record breaking attempt. What was the record you might ask? 100 miles by 100 runners in the shortest amount of time. As much as 100 miles may seem like quite the accomplishment, what becomes even more astonishing is the ability to organize this many individuals on such short notice. Runners from across Oregon bused in from local groups and colleges, hot off their season, as word spread about this record attempt. Many runners from the University of Portland bused in, after only hearing about the attempt last minute or even, the day prior. 


Taylor Overmiller, a Spartan SGX Coach and OCR Competitor who lives in Portland, heard of this only a few days prior and was waitlisted as his mile time was barely within reach for the attempt. As he arrived early Saturday morning, he described the scene as rather bleak starting out. As these athletes passed the baton from one person to the next, he watched in anticipation of his own mile. When he received word of a no show, it was his own time to shine, but had to wait a mere 5 hours before his own mile could be run. 


However, as the clock struck 3:44 pm, 7 hours and 44 minutes after this grueling event began, the attempt was over. Imagine, pulling individuals from across the state and organizing them, one by one to run a mile in the attempt of breaking the US and hopefully, the WORLD record! Now, just to put this in perspective, to run 100 miles in 7 hours and 44 minutes, means on average, each individual had to run a 4 min and 38.4 second mile. Compared to us average individuals, that is godlike, and for many, half the time of their typical Mile. 


On this day, the US record was broken by 4 whole seconds. It may not seem like a large gap, but  was a fantastic effort by these astonishing individuals and will be forever written in the US record books, at least until their next attempt… On June 2nd, 2018, these Runners from across Portland did not manage to break the WORLD record, however it seems that with this shallow victory, it has only brought them to desire the world attempt even more. 


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