Coach Pain and OCRM Network Look to Release 3-Part Docuseries “My Pain is My Passion”

July 2, 2018

The well-known Coach Pain looks to release a docuseries that allows fans and followers a more in depth look into a life of struggle that brought him to where he is now.



Boston (July 2nd, 2018) – Many know him as a Coach. A Coach of Life, a former Coach of SGX, or even a Coach of Pain. It is time that people knew not only his words, but his life and the struggle that has brought him to who he is today. Coach Pain since his first speech has been an inspiration to those he has touched at each OCR event along with other speaking engagements. 


OCRM Network is proud to announce the 3-part documentary series that will be released in the coming months. Coach Pain has been a cornerstone in the OCR Community and it seemed only right to allow those inspired time and time again by this man, to allow them to learn of his upbringing. All too often in life we see people at face value and find it hard to connect, but allowing this man’s followers to gain insight into a life full of struggle.

Due to the little time many have to watch movies these days, OCRM felt it was best to break each episode up into under 15 minute intervals. The First Part of the Series will be release on August 11th, 2018 at 12 am EST. The first 10 minute episode will be release on all major social medias for viewing, followed by the other two episodes available on OCRM Network at $2.99 to rent and $4.99 for purchase. OCRM will also allow purchase of the each Part for $6.99 after the Second Part has been released, following the sam procedure for the next.

Stay with OCRM Network as we continue to follow Coach Pain in the 2018 OCR Season and we understand what it takes to inspire thousands around the world. From Military to OCR and even Business, the diverse array of inspiration is truly making an impact on the world, with a true believe in his life’s purpose. 

“My Pain is My Passion,” is the official title of this documentary and it was chosen due to the nature of Coach Pain’s Life before recent Success. All titles with the name “My Pain is My Passion” are Copy Right of OCRM Network. 





I am a certified fitness coach for general fitness, OCR and Boot camp instructor with twenty three years in the fitness industry. I am also certified as a Nutritional Specialist who exercises my talents as a motivational speaker and obstacle race announcer with The BattleFrog Navy Seals Series and Terrain Mud Run Organizations, encouraging clients to go above and beyond their fitness goals. As a fitness coach, I offer a versatile, fun, yet challenging fitness environment. In my spare time, I practice martial arts. In 2011, I participated in the Iron Man Physique competition and was awarded 2nd, which qualified me for the Jr. Nationals competition in June 2012. In addition, I participated in the 2012 and 2013 American Ninja Warrior competition located in Dallas, TX and in Baltimore, MD and have recently been invited to compete for the 2014 competition. I was also invited to compete in the 2014 Broken Skull Stone Cold Steve Austin Series.




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