Spartan Death Race Pushed Competitors to Their Breaking Points with more than 60 Hours of Physical and Mental Obstacles

July 17, 2018

More than 60 Men and Women Set Out to Complete the Ultimate Sufferfest in the Green Mountains of Vermont and 12 Finished


PITTSFIELD, VT (July 17, 2018) – After more than 60 hours of forced insomnia while completing obstacles that required incredible feats of physical and mental abilities, 12 participants of an original 62 completed the Spartan Death Race (DR), one of the hardest endurance events known to man. The event, which included a Guinness World Record setting Barbed Wire Crawl, brought participants to their breaking points, and further than they ever thought imaginable.
The race began Wednesday, July 11 with participants chopping firewood, before embarking on a 14-hour hike from Vermont’s Bloodroot Mountain to Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, VT Thursday at 12:01 am – where the remainder of the event played out. Along the hike, racers we’re carrying packs weighing up to half their body weight and were tasked with carrying a 600 -pound generator powering a countdown clock to the end of the race. Upon reaching the farm, participants moved boulders weighing more than 2,000 pounds each before heading to the top of the property’s mountain to clear brush, paving the way to attempt 3,000 burpees, of which 23 racers were able to complete, with 7 racers running out of time at 1,000 and 6 dropping out of the race.
Following the burpees at the 36-hour mark, competitors were surprised with a quarter-mile track of barbed wire placed two-feet overhead and nothing but mud and dirt below. It was there, where they began a journey to set the Guinness World Record for the “farthest distance crawling under barbed wire for 12 hours.” Amy Palmiero-Winters, a below the knee amputee from Meadville, PA held the lead until the near -end when Canadian Eric Hutterer came from behind to set the record at 7.541-Miles. Winters reached 7.217, and while it did not qualify for the Guinness Book, it is the furthest distance on record for a female.
With 21 participants remaining at the 48-hour mark and only 12 spots for the next challenge, competitors raced up the mountain to the stationary rope flex, where those fastest enough to advance began “climbing.” After nearly 7-hours, racers had reached upwards of 31,000-feet (5.9 miles), and after being teased with the opportunity to sleep, were subjected to some aerobic and strength-based exercise, before being awarded their finisher's skull more than 60-hours from the race start. In true DR fashion, racers were awarded broken skulls, which had to be pieced together with a tube of provided super glue as the final challenge of the race.
The 2018 Spartan Death Race Finishers Included (pictured L to R in the file “DR Finishers 2018”):

Front: Euan Campbell, Rachel Lotz, Ronald Tortola, Alex Devine, Eric Hutterer, Ryan Robeson, Chris Rice
Back: Amy Palmiero-Winters, Richard Gyslain, Athena Ojeda, Yvette Ahern, Matthew Moortgat

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