Warrior Dash Ohio (OCRM Insider)

It's always a pleasure to be able to park free for an OCR event..it doesn't often occur, but the Dash crew made it happen in Lawrenceville, Ohio. Great start to an eventful and most likely rainy day.


First heat of the day was scheduled for 8 am, and a healthy variety of competitors were already


bibbed, stretching, and warming up wherever they found space. There were very few obstacles visible from the festival area, and no spectator path available. Prior to the start I inquired about registering for one of the open heats myself, having missed the online opportunity to do so, when the price was at a doable 40 dollars. I was told that if I wanted to race today, I was going to have to work over 90 bucks. Here's where I politely decline, and throw in my 2 cent's worth. I explained that one of the best things about OCR, is that here, during a race, people are inspired and motivated to try out the course, especially with friends and family who are already racing. Why shut down that willingness to try something different by jacking the price so high? But that's another story...


The competitive heat are rallied in the starting area, given a brief overview of the course, and sent on their way, with flames firing off overhead as the corral emptied, followed by an eventual handful of latecomers hoping to catch up. As there was no allowing for spectators beyond the festival boundaries, the excitement of the start faded into the gradual shifting and positioning to see the first athletes head into the finish, which was made up of a fire jump, followed by sliding obstacle, and wrapping up in a soupy, sloppy barbed wire crawl which spilled over onto the finish line. Around 20 minutes later, here come the first of the male competitors. They cleared the fire, did the slide, and ran right around the mud pit to the finish line. Yes, around. And not a single course official hollered, waved them down, did anything to redirect them. Each male competitor to come after the first three went right into the mud crawl. Eventually the first runner went back to complete the obstacle, but the guys who took second and third never did. And the finish times, even with the obstacle mishap, stood.

To further muddy the finish line efficiency, there were no timing chips, which I found particularly interesting for a World Championship qualifier. Each runner coming in up to the tenth in each gender grouping, received a card indicating their event placement. No possibility of confusion there..


So here are your top three male and female finishers, all of whom I am absolutely impressed by, great hustle and visual determination on both muddy, and clean faces!



1. Cole Morris 2.Dan Klatt 3. Greg Stolfer


1. Tammy Putt-Goudie 2. Julia Hanshaw 3. Hollie Fluharty


Quick and quiet awards presentation, and it's back to the real reason most of these folks are here, mud, fun, and beer. Many happy faces, screams of both disgust and delight filled the festival area, and many came across the finish immediately announcing that they were either a) ready for lap two, b) ready to sign up for a Spartan, or c) both of the above.

So in conclusion, a fun and short event for most attendees, some disappointed folks who follow the race with regards to the obstacles (but hey, there was a fun rig set up in the festival area), and a quick and sort of dirty OCRWC qualifying, competitive heat, with some smoking run times! 



Gwenn Case

OCRM Insider

Warrior Dash Ohio July 21 2018

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