North American OCR Championships: What You NEED to Know!

With Nor Am ONLY 9 days away, it is time we give you the low down on everything you need to know heading into this big event!


We sat down with Adrian Bijanada founder of OCRWC and NORAM to get the low down on the

upcoming North American Championships in Sratton, Vermont – August 10th - 12th 2018. The athlete guide / rule book with more information can be found at


How is the parking situation for NORAM. Will there be satellite parking with shuttles or on site?

It will be onsite parking and the ski resort that's providing the mountain can accommodate up to 10,000 people a day - so plenty of parking. If for some reason it becomes a problem which they do not see happening there will be an auxiliary lot with a shuttle.


Lodging or camping accommodations?

While camping is left up to the racer to determine - NORAM is partnered with Stratton Resort to accommodate racers. The resort is filling up quickly so if you want to stay at the resort its advised to book very soon!


Registration packet pick-up requirements?

Photo ID is required and must be presented by the participant. Packet pick up is available as early as Thursday at noon (Thursday 12pm till 9pm, Friday 7am to 9pm, Sat 7am to 5pm, Sunday 8am to 3pm) and same day packet pick up WILL be available but it is strongly advised to pick them up before hand. Mainly because waves go off at very strict times and they don't want people missing their heats. Rachel will be on site helping racers get checked in.


Viewing areas for spectators?

There is great opportunity's to spectate. There is five main areas for spectating – The start and finish being two of them. An obstacle area at the base of the mountain with a tent where viewers can get some shade and have a good view of some new innovative obstacles. Not quite mid-mountain NORAM will have an area where athletes will be doing a lot of strength element obstacles. Such as the Green Beret Challenge farmers carry and a wreck bag carry. At the top of the mountain there will be viewing platform which has a good view of the obstacle gauntlet running along the top. People will be able to take the gondola to the top of the mountain as well!


In the event of bad weather?

They have a lighting procedure and the event will be suspended in the event of lighting within 10miles of the mountain. The event will resume ounce lighting is again time miles away. NORAM is asking everyone to be prepared for any conditions. Weather can be very different at the top of the mountain than the bottom.


Will there be NORAM reps at each obstacle making sure obstacles are performed correctly/legally?

There will be officials at each obstacle trained on what to look for and cutting bands for failure to complete obstacles. There will be multiple tries for obstacles and “retry” lanes. Racers retrying an obstacle must make way for racers trying for the first time.


Vendors and Teams:

A lot of the sponsors and team tents will be around the base of the mountain. Reach out to the partnership director if you'd like a TEAM tent. There is safety and standards to having a team tent on site. ( If you remember world champs last year you'll remember the over night of Sat to Sunday in the middle of the night strong winds took half the tents off to the great beyond!)



Most recent report says about 4,000 ft of elevation gain. (don't quote me on that as I haven't been up there with my own garmin yet!) Big climbs in the beginning and some technical trail as well. Great mix of obstacles from strength,tolerance to technical - so its great reflection of North American obstacle course racing. It's looking like it will be a very tough race!


Concluding words!


-There WILL be drug testing and NORAM wants that to be known. Details on this can be found in the rule book. If you are on the podium expect to be tested and also some randoms that is unspecified and will not be published.


“We have the best crew from the Norther American obstacle course racing community bar none. We pride ourselves on bringing the best on board. The company is not the place for easy work – we don't do easy. So if your working with us, you want to deliver the best events and that means a lot of hard work. I believe we have the best crew in the business right now on that mountain creating something very special.” - Adrian Bijanada founder of OCRWC and NORAM


Interview/write up by Sawyer Brown aka @OCRslayer

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