New NOR AM Obstacle announced

If you’ve been keeping up with all the hype building around NOR-AM you probably follow the Instagram handle noramchamps! We’ve got  a number of reasons to be excited about this year's Nor-Am. Including but not limited to our very own Justin T. Manning, of Manning Morning Mayhem, as the Start line MC.


For those of you who don’t know there are 15+ Obstacles in the 3k pro + Age group divisions and 40+ in the 15K. Out of all those challenges, we got a video of a new obstacle called Skitch. This obstacle is reminiscent of a horizontal wall traverse. The twist being you are using cylindrical handhold with hooks on the tops of them. These hooks are then used to slide/shimmy across multiple bars. These bars, by the way, are not connected but suspended. While suspended they also look to be a varying inclines, declines and angles. At the end of each of the bars they seem to be rounded into a ball as to make the transfer from bar to bar more difficult. Skitch was designed and built from the company Force 5 Equipment. 



This Obstacle is going to be wreaking havoc on your Shoulders, chest, core and Hands! I hope you've been keeping those hands nice and limber for this one. You may be able to use momentum to slide across the first bar but it looks like there are going to be 2 to 3 of these bad Bars on the apparatus. Check out the video link below for an actual look at the video. Also be sure to check out on Thursday for the full obstacle analysis!


Skitch footage:


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