A Skitch that you just can’t scratch

While a lot of people simply made the traverse with various techniques others were not so lucky.

So with the North American Championships over everyone is headed home. Everyone is bringing with

them some kind of souvenir. Whether it’s a shiny new medal(s), the band(s), or just a few stories. While there were some lucky ones out there that walked away with glory some walked away with some, in some cases, not so semi-permanent proof, that some obstacles can scratch back.


The skitch was a new obstacle that was brought in to this race. With it came a number of challenges. From core and shoulder stability to hand eye coordination. Made up of steel bars with solid steel round ends, much like a old time barbell. To make this travese you needed to use the ninja hooks. These hooks were ‘J’ hooks welded on to a square bar about 6 inches in length. Using these hooks you were to slide/shimmy across the bar to the next ring the bell and dismount how ever you could.


While a lot of people simply made the traverse with various techniques others were not so lucky. While it seemed simple there numerous people suffering a multitude of injuries. From the sharp edges of the square bars that made up the handles, we were seeing cuts and bruises. While the holes in the tops and bottoms of them caused for some slight entanglement leading to broken hands and fingers.


This obstacle really brought the pain. Once a pattern was realized OCR World champs quickly modified the obstacle to a “simple” floating bar traverse. Keeping the apparatus up and in use eliminating the injurious parts of the obstacle. I for one hope this obstacle makes a return, and with it maybe we can Scratch such injuries of the lists.


~Samuel L Jackson IV OCRM Obstacle Analyst


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