Never Let a Hurricane Get in Your Path

Hawaii may have been canceled, but for everyone who took the plane ride out there, this wasn't going to stop them from getting in a workout with their fellow Spartans!




Hundreds of Spartans flocked to the islands for the much anticipated Hawaii Spartan Trifecta weekend.  Mother Nature had something else in mind and sent Hurricane Lane threatening to land directly on Kualoa Ranch in time for the Saturday Beast.


Hurricane Lane single handedly took down the Friday night Luau as well as all 3 Spartan races.


Category 4 hurricane and was forecasted to be the largest storm to hit the islands of Hawaii in over 25 years. All predictions had the storm slamming into the island chain with tremendous winds and reports of 25 to 40 inches of rain. Several of the islands experienced major devastation and Oahu was next to be hit. Thankfully the island has been spared major damage.

Kualoa Ranch is one of Spartans most coveted and spectacular destinations surrounded by the natural beauty of Oahu.  

Disappointed, yes... but most Spartans understood as the last thing the island needed during what could have been a major catastrophe was a bunch of thrill-seeker athletes with signed waivers racing around Jurassic Park with medics and emergency personnel waiting on site for one of us to twist an ankle, gash open our head or for the police to be directing our parking instead of protecting their citizens in a time of panic.


Spartan races need police, fire, ambulance, buses, personnel, and so much more…… With all that happened here on island with Hurricane Lane, the resources were maxed out and dedicated to the relief that locals need. Even if Spartan could access all the needed resources it would be selfish to take up resources needed for Hawaii right now.


Good call Spartan!


The SPARTANS I encountered on the island made lemonade out of lemons as the storm had mercy on Hawaii and made a turn  to the west allowing  us to enjoy  Hawaii for a few days.


Richard Park, Jono Blodgett (SGS Coach) and Jason Huber (local OCR Ohana Spartans) alternate holding weekly SPARTAN training workouts.  They organized workouts on Saturday and Sunday in lieu of our Spartan Trifecta races, bringing together Spartans from all over the globe.  Dominos pizza donates 50+ pizzas and  Amy Yates brought waters and spartan flags donated by SPARTAN.  


All of the above  is a great show of the character of OCR! 



Spartan will be issuing vouchers for the missed Hawaii races... so we will see you next year Jarrasic Park!



Amy Bortoff


PS.. Spartan Hawaii Trifecta even made it in the  Hawaiian Airlinea inflight magazine!!



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