OCRM + Training for the Winter Months will be Produced by Trio Fitness and The OCR Trainer “Megan Beck”

November 15, 2018

Together, we will be bringing you full 30-minute training videos from home and in the gym,

along with tips, tricks and ways to train for those brutal conditions.

BOSTON (November 15th, 2018) – The objective of OCRM Network has always been to be the true “Hub for All Things OCR.” Throughout our growth, we have offered podcasts, shows, series, documentaries and Live Coverage; however, we believe, that is just the beginning. In order to be “All Things OCR,” we must find a way to bring all the athletes of the sport and those just entering a way to train on a budget and all on one site! So today, we are announcing our OCRM + Training Videos Streaming Service!


OCRM Network understands that we are not trainers, but we have connections to the best! So...
OCRM + will be partnering up with Trio Fitness, an online, customized obstacle course training
company, and The OCR Trainer, Miss. Megan Beck! Together, we will be bringing you full 30-
minute training videos from home and in the gym, along with tips, tricks and ways to train for
those brutal conditions.


How will it work?


Simple. Megan Beck will be working on a full 30-day program that you can do anywhere in front of a screen. Think of other video workouts, but... on steroids. Enjoy 30-days of the program to get you ready for your first or next race, with varying difficulties based on your comfort level. And at the end of those 30-days, if you feel ready for a totally customizable plan, use OCRM Network for a discount and work with Megan directly!



Or. Find yourself afraid of the gym? Maybe you don’t know what you can be doing to improve for your next race? Well, Trio Fitness will be designing a full month’s worth of videos that will include exercises and tips on how to do them, so you can feel confident on your next workout! Watch them before you go and have access to them on the go!



Where & When can you sign up?


OCRM + will be available on our website, www.ocrmnetwork.com/ocrmplus and will be ready
for launch by the middle of December 2018. It will be only $5.99 to sign up per month and you
will not only have access to all of the training videos we offer, but YOU can also watch shows,
series, documentaries and Live Coverages on OCRM, ALL for one price!



Gyms are expensive, especially specialty gyms such as ninja gyms, rock climbing gyms, and
gyms specializing in OCR; so how do you go about training for an obstacle course race without
breaking the bank just for the training? Let us introduce you to Megan Beck. Megan is The
OCR Trainer. Megan is a Certified Athletic Trainer, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and
an SGX Coach who specializes in OCR training, but in conventional gyms, parks, and at home.
Through her YouTube channel, The OCR Trainer, she teaches obstacle course racing newbies
and enthusiasts alike how to master obstacles and how to prepare for a race, all without the
need of specific obstacles. The OCR Trainer is revolutionizing the way obstacle course race
training is done throughout the OCR community.



Trio Fitness OCR was founded in January 2018. While Joel and Luke Hayes ran Trio Fitness as
an online coaching business for several years before, they shifted their focus exclusively to
OCR as they found their own lives molding around the sport. Trio Fitness OCR provides all of
its clients with 100% customized plans for Obstacle Course Racing. They take everything into
account when creating the programs for their clients. This includes geographical location,
weather, terrain, equipment, lifestyle, nutrition, travels, work, family, and more. Trio Fitness
OCR offers experienced Certified Personal Trainers with over 9 years of experience working
with over 400 clients as well as experienced OCR athletes in Joel and Luke, both of which
compete in the Elite races. To get started on your own customized OCR training program, visit triofitnessocr.com



OCRM Network or “Obstacle Course Racing Media” is a copy right of Berserker Sports
Corporation. OCRM Network is a media network dedicated to bringing OCR competitors, fans
and friends; Entertainment, Information and Live Coverage exclusively in the sport of OCR.
OCRM’s Network brings its community weekly shows, podcasts and more, along with the Live
Coverage of OCR Events throughout the world. It is the mission of OCRM Network to become
the hub for “All Things OCR” to allow for a lower barrier of information for the OCR Elites and
Beginners. OCRM Network is produced out of Boston, MA with satellite stations across the
Globe. To stay up to date with “All Things OCR,” please follow us at
www.facebook.com/ocrmnetwork or find more at www.ocrmnetwork.com To advertise with
OCRM Network, please contact our media director for marketing packages and more

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