An Atomic Bomb "the Spartan Brand Ambassador Program!"

December 15, 2018

We will be ending the 2018 Spartan Ambassador program on today on Thurs. 12/13 and this Facebook group will close at 9pm EST today.

Passion. A driving force to make you hungry for more. Have you ever felt it? Chances are you have felt it about OCR the same way I have. Like most, I discovered OCR and along the way I re-discovered myself. I am your typical weekend-warrior racer who has a past that was overcome via racing. When I realized how much Spartan Race had changed my life, I just had to share with the world; what better way to share everything Spartan had to offer than by applying to become a brand ambassador?!


SRBA (Spartan Race Brand Ambassador) offered up an opportunity to work with Spartan while still enjoying racing and living your best life. I applied and was accepted and so began a great 2018 of being part of the SRBA Social Army. The concept was pretty simple: post frequently on social media and volunteer--for every 6 hours you volunteer, you would get a race code. Volunteer your time at the Workout Tour or race venue, but you could be flexible-2 hours here, 4 hours there-and still race! When you would volunteer, you were taking videos at the event and sending them to Spartan, who might then use your content for social media.


Being a brand ambassador allowed me to form new connections with people and provide support to a brand I am passionate about. I have made so many friends over the past year, but more importantly I have been able to share my passion about the sport with strangers, both on and off the course. Over the past year, I have poured my heart and soul into this program, with little return from them. I don’t need free race codes, I don’t have a lot of followers on social media (and I don’t need to have a lot), I just need this sport to grow and change lives like it did for me.

The program went through a lot of…turmoil…throughout the year. Our quarterly perks became a one-time thing, leadership changed a few times and there were just frequent small little hiccups. Despite this, I was always 110% dedicated to the program because I am PASSIONATE about this sport and I wanted to help grow the brand I love. At almost every venue, I put in extra time to record content and my social media is nothing but Spartan.


Thursday, Spartan decided to drop this atomic bomb:



2019 is just ahead of us and we want to thank you all for your participation in the 2018 Spartan Ambassador program. Together, you all have helped get more people out and onto the courses all over the world. We look forward to continuing this momentum into 2019 and inspire at least 1 million people off the couch and onto the course.


We will be ending the 2018 Spartan Ambassador program on today on Thurs. 12/13 and this Facebook group will close at 9pm EST today.


We welcome you all to read over the new 2019 Spartan programs which consist of three different options in which you may apply if you choose to do so.


Please note that all 2018 Ambassadors must apply, be reviewed, and accepted for 2019. There will not be an automatic acceptance this year into the new programs due to new agreements needing to be signed.


If you have hours accumulated to turn in, you must do so by 12/31/18 and email proof of hours to Any hours received after 12/31/19 will not be rewarded.


The Spartan Social Army Teams -


Spartan Social Media Influencer:
*Help create social content for Spartan channels
*Grow overall brand awareness on all social channels
*Help support brand and marketing campaigns by creating content on personal social media channels
Apply here


Spartan Onsite Activation Team Member:
*Manage onsite social activation stations at races, workout tours, expos, and other Spartan events.
*Encourage, engage and motivate the Spartan community
*Point of contact for onsite customer service
*Work with Spartan staff to increase excitement and participation
*Educate racers onsite of event hashtag and use on social media
*This is a 4 or 8 hour commitment at assigned race venue. 
Apply here


Spartan Content Team Member: 
*Shoot and capture content at races, workout tours, expos, and other Spartan events
*Provide high-quality content for the Spartan social media team to leverage on all channels.
Apply here



Initially, there was no 4-8-hour commitment outlined-and I would like to point out, this is only for the Onsite Activation role.


This brand I am so passionate about just shut me out from working with them to help grow the community. Why would someone like me ever be chosen to be a social media influencer? I don’t buy my followers, or use GoFund Me to afford races. I don’t have 10,000 followers or flaunt my body on social media. I post real pictures about a real life, and I have formed genuine connections of social media because of that. To be an onsite member shooting content or manage people would required me to give up racing, as I cannot complete a course fast enough to also give my time. Anyone who races knows how much money we put into this sport, and if I am spending a pretty penny to be at a venue, I am racing! Oh, and notice how there’s NO evidence of what the compensation will be?


Spartan has just cut its community support almost completely. Granted, the SRBA program had many people in it who didn’t belong…I mean c’mon if you don’t know how to earn a trifecta, why were you allowed in?! But there is a core group of us who genuinely care about this sport and were here because we have the passion, not for the free parking or race codes. The true colors of the brand have finally come out-it’s a business, I get that…but ultimately, it’s about making a dollar. They would rather have someone there for 8 hours who knows little, to nothing, about this sport, than someone who will exude the Spartan Spirit.


I genuinely feel like I do not matter to Spartan and that the work I have put in now means nothing. For people like me who are the average customer-I felt I was giving the average racer a relatable face in the I’ll just be a free promo that still shares what I love, but will go unappreciated. I got involved as an ambassador to grow my connections and voice my opinion as an open racer and to help the brand...and now....what am I supposed to do....go back to just pushing the smiley face button on the walk by survey stands at races?


There is no other way for me to put this than I take this as a slap in the face. I have always tried to do everything I can all year to help out and not cause problems, but be a problem solver. Yes-I have a demanding job, but I still find time for this because I am passionate about it.


So, thanks for the friends and memories SRBA program 2018. Thank you, Spartan for knocking me down a few pegs and reminding me that I am simply a race fee to you and nothing more. If you valued your WORTHY, PASSIONATE ambassadors at all, you wouldn’t move to this model that rewards those who are fake on social media and don’t give a poop about racing since they will choose to work for you over racing.


The sickest part of it all? I still love this race and will toe the start line next year multiple times because I am passionate about what this has done for my life. But don’t worry, I’ll be laughing the whole time because this model for social media will fail, as no one worth having around wants to give up racing. 


(Opinion Artlcle)

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