OCRM's Weekly Newsletter... #OMG

March 14, 2019

Welcome to OCRM's NEW Weekly Update! 


Each Thursday Morning, we will be recapping events, news and stories in the world of OCR! Subscribe to get this newsletter completely FREE and stay up to date in the world of OCR! Come for the fun, stay for the insults...




The OCR Breakdown is coming back to OCRM for Monday's at 7:30 pm EDT! This time, we have our shirts ironed and pleaded... But mostly they are on!



Join us for the new OCR Breakdown with hosts Coach Taylor Overmiller, a personal trainer and owner of Portland Outdoor Athletics. A multiple time OCRWC qualifier and level 2 Spartan SGX Coach, he can be found frequenting the podiums around Portland, Oregon. Before OCR he competed through college as a student-athlete in track and cross country at the NCAA DI and DII levels as an 800m specialist (after being a state medalist in high school) while earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Military Science and finishing his commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. 


And this time, we will be bringing on coaches, physicians, olympic athletes and more! 















OCRM is now up on FlixFling! Join the thousands of subscribers enjoying FlixFling from any device and NOW... watch OCRM on the go as well!


Check out our Launch on FlixFling with show from our Live Coverage series, along with Coach Pain and Justin T. Manning! More Content coming soon!





Ms. Taunton and Chris White are in the building and they are bringing you the latest in Obstacle Course Racing News! 


This week, these two discuss the new show Million Dollar Mile... Please tell me you've checked it out already right?! 


"In CBS' new high-stakes physical competition series Million Dollar Mile, there's only one thing standing in the way of the contestants and a $1 million prize: the most grueling obstacle course ever designed that's manned by elite athletes known as Defenders, whose primary goal is to defend the money at all costs."



 Read more about it at: Million Dollar Mile



Did you know that Medals and Chill with Justin T. Manning and Simone Waugh produced 36 episodes?! Join us for the Final Episode Tonight at 7:30 PM on OCRM's Facebook page!


Sadly, it is time to close the books on Medals and Chill each week! But, because we love to bing watch, the team over at Medal Addict has something new and exciting to share with you! 


Coming soon, Medal Addict will be producing with OCRM.... Hahaha you thought we were going to tell you!? Calm down Justin... Don't spill your Coffee!





Have you checked out EPIC Series yet?


Well, if you haven't, join us Friday for a late night edition of OCRM's Pre-Race show with Lyndsey Littlefield and Chris White!


The show will air LIVE at 7:30 pm PDT on Friday for all of our West Coast viewers. But, you can always check it out on OCRM anytime after it airs!


Set your schedule or watch it live for FREE at www.ocrmnetwork.com/watchlive 





How YOU DOIN?!?! 


OCRM is bringing you live coverage of Epic Series in Los Angeles this weekend, set to premier after the race with this sexy devil! Don't forget to stay tuned and watch with the link below... Don't you want to see this pretty face... more details coming after the race!


Find LIVE Coverage this week on www.ocrmnetwork.com/watchlive




After Miss Perri Lauren dropped the ball last Sunday night... #PerrisDownForTheCount, we will be making sure YOU get your OCR Trivia this Sunday at 8 pm! 


However, there is a new place to find it! Due to the issue with Facebook recently... OCRM will be moving to its own site for Trivia. Same rules apply and we can see your responses, but it will be directly on OCRM Network!


Find OCR Trivia this week on www.ocrmnetwork.com/watchlive at 8 pm!



**If you are not tall enough to ride this ride, you are probably Irish... But man you can probably drink your a** off! Be safe and have fun this weekend!





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