An “EPIC” Race Series needs Battle tested fitness equipment

Epic Series Obstacle challenge will be partnering with SHOGUN SPORTS Fitness Equipment for their 2019 events


San Diego, CA: Epic Series has started off their 2019 season on a high note with Las Vegas and LA having great success, but it is time to turn up the heat during the summer months. In the brutal conditions, combined with more competitors than ever, it is time for Epic to turn to a battle tested fitness company for their obstacle supplies.


Shogun sports, a new but upcoming fitness equipment company has decided to partner with Epic Series to meet the demand of their brutal competitors on and off the course. Shogun sports supplies everything from your foam roller and yoga equipment to your battle ropes and sandbags. For those who have competed in Epic Series obstacle challenges, you understand what Epic Series demands out of their equipment.


“OCR makes fitness fun! Shogun Sports is excited to work with the OCR community and believes not enough brands have stepped up to this exciting opportunity,” said Dane Pendleton of Shogun Sports. Dane goes on to say, “ when I left the military I looked for a way to support better Health and Fitness and founded Shogun Sports as that entity. Now, we have the opportunity to partner with a brand who is targeting a problem we have by creating a challenge filled with team work and excitement.”


The partnership will consist of equipment, branding and more exciting features to be debuted throughout the 2019 season. Shogun has shown massive growth over the last few years and has made its mark on the fitness market, making it undeniable for Epic Series demands. 




Shogun Sports is a Veteran Owned designer, manufacturer and distributor of higher quality products for the fitness industry. Being based in Southern California we are in the Mecca of Fitness. Having access to many different fitness practices has put us at a great advantage! With the team practicing Yoga, Pilates, Olympic Weightlifting, Body Building, and Functional Fitness we have the market well covered. This also leads to us having the ability to get our products tested and approved by leaders in their respective industries. The Shogun Sports team is composed of a Retired Royal Marine Commando, a Retired US Army Veteran, and a team of industrial designers, engineers and marketers. We design, test, manufacture and warehouse a vast array of items; no challenge is too big for our team. To sum it all up we are here and do what we do day in and day out to give the public access to the best quality products they can get!




Founded in 2014, EPIC Series was created to be a fun and unique addition to the obstacle course racing (“OCR”) community. It combines elements of cross training, Strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing, but without the mud or long-distance running typically found in most other OCRs. By creating obstacles that have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced options, EPIC Series opens up obstacle course racing to a wider audience of fitness enthusiasts who may have been too intimidated to try it in the past. EPIC Series also adds in a special ELITE Course for the more competitive athletes to try their hand at strength challenges with heavier weights, throwing in exercises often seen in powerlifting and Strongman competitions. EPIC Series is a family-friendly event, incorporating a KIDS Course that mimics a kid-sized version of the obstacles and strength challenges seen in the adult courses.

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