Official Statement from Ameer Haroun

October 24, 2019

**All opinions expressed by Ameer Haroun on this website and on the show are solely Haroun’s opinions and do not reflect the opinions of OCRM Network or their parent company or affiliates, and may have been previously disseminated by Haroun on television, radio, internet or another medium.**


The story that was released on October 21, 2019 by Matt Davis of Obstacle Racing Media portrays me as coercive person, a thief of a group, an abuser and a rapist. He told his story well, but was remiss to include any supporting evidence – at all. I am providing proof of my innocence with the attached screenshots of conversations with my accusers. I have many more previous conversations to support the truth, but I am sparing you the explicit content and the pictures they sent as no one deserves that.


Matt admits in his live video on October 22 that when he saw our team recently won the Spirit Award, it made him angry. He has not been working on this story for years but dragged up the previous unfounded claims because he was unable to find anyone else to further support his agenda, though he reached far and wide. One published story and a scandal is born.


When Matt abuses his power of his media platform, he crosses the line into not only cyber bullying, but capitalizing on the #metoo movement, in support of a revenge driven agenda by him and these select women. This is an irresponsible use of a public forum, and one of the chief reasons that people are often not treated with legal principle of our law system, “innocent until proven guilty.” Because these allegations are fabricated, it erodes the credibility of real victims.


To illustrate his careless journalism and complete lack of credibility, let the facts speak for themselves. Matt is a skillful story-teller, but he is a horrible fact checker.


The Hotel:


The most unsettling part of the ORM story is from Kerstin. Not just for those who read it with shock, but because it’s patently untrue. We engaged in texts and calls for weeks, then met up at a hotel room in New Jersey on November 20, 2015 purchased by her. This is the meeting in which was cited in the story. “Maybe after you go pickup your girls you can comeback in the evening? :). I’m hopeful,” she messaged me. “That’s great! Don’t think I’ll be able to come back,” I said. After this meet up, it was clear she wanted more than I was comfortable with and became possessive. She booked another hotel room for the following weekend. Per her own words in her texts to me and actions, i.e. “How long will the silent treatment continue, “ and “You know, I’m the same person I was before, why can’t you talk to me about this?” it is highly unlikely that an encounter such as she claims in the ORM story occurred. (see SCREENSHOT A, B, C)


 Claims of Harassment:


In Matt’s story he claims I was using my power as a Facebook group leader to reach out to women.

The woman in the story who claimed I offered to fly out to New Jersey that wanted nothing to do with me, pursued me relentlessly, despite her claiming otherwise in this story, and became extremely enraged and unstable when she learned she was not the only woman I was speaking to, even though we clearly had a causal relationship after I met her once with her parents at Fenway 2015. When she made the claim years ago that I was harassing her, her own father, who is a member of 4-0 came to my defense, stating that she is a compulsive liar, hard to talk to and apologized for his daughter. This man is still an active member in our group. Out of respect for him and because her name was not mentioned in the article, I chose not to include her name or screenshots that also include intimate pictures from her. However, these exist, and I am willing to share if need be.


As for Amy, after texting for weeks with intimate exchanges, our date simply ended based on her request, I respectfully left her house when she asked, but was not comfortable driving home immediately after having drinks at dinner and remember sitting in my car for a long time to make sure I was safe to drive. 


How Spartan 4-0 began:


First, regarding “protecting the founders names due to the fear of their safety” – How would I not remember the names of women I worked with so closely on a daily basis? For everyone that may have questioned that but glazed over as they read, trust your instincts. How it began - A girl named Alicia posted in Spartans of the Northeast on October 4, 2015 that ‘at 42 she felt her better days were behind her.’ Several of us commented in support. “I feel fitter at 37 that I was at 17” I said. My friend Jon said that it would be nice to have a group for older racers, as we share similar struggles and SNE was a bit of a loose cannon. I asked my friend, at the time, Jamie, to start a group and I was the second to join a few seconds later, and Spartan 4-0 was born. When Alicia joined soon after, the three of us were admins of the group and for several weeks, we got along great as the group grew exponentially. Soon it became too much for them to keep up with the posts and leading an extremely active group wasn’t easy. (This is why we have approximately 30 ambassadors now). “Honestly, I am not cut out for this kind of drama via FB,” said Jamie. “As much as I’d love to be an admin to this group I am really not cut out for it,” said Alicia. A few days later they left because of this and after a disagreement on trademarking the group and team’s name. It was a choice they both made, not something I asked them to do. (SEE SCREENSHOTS D, E)


This is a witch hunt. For years, the ORM have been harassing me, sending me messages, asking me if I sent dick pics to other racers, male and female. Matt has openly bullied our team and anyone who supports it. This is not a credible news source but a masterclass in cyber bullying. (SCREENSHOT F)



In my 30’s, I was an overweight smoker with zero fitness. I decided to change my life for my kids and learned of Spartan racing. My first race took me 2:15 to complete a sprint. I was humbled but energized, the spark was lit and I was committed to bettering myself. I felt I needed a community to belong to, those that understood my passion, ones that I’d support and would support me. We all understand this need. By leading Spartan 4-0, I have brought thousands together for a positive, supportive environment which we celebrate racers of all levels. We have given back to the community and supported racers in their darkest times of need. 


For those who know me, know I’m a passionate person in everything I do. I have been called many things over the years, especially the past few days, but I have been yet to be called a liar. Obstacle Racing Media, or specifically, Matt B. Davis, has shared with you the stories of a few women I knew previously. The allegations from these women, which were pushed by Matt years ago, are not new and have been investigated previously, including by Spartan and were found without merit. Matt was shut down. His disdain grew as our team became more successful with me at the helm. He was part of our group yet was abusive towards others and an instigator which it was not tolerated. While others feared him, I stood up to him and his team against bullying others, and he had always hated me for it even though he asked for a truce in 2016. His words mean nothing. My attorney is contacting Matt B. Davis/Obstacle Racing Media for his lack of due diligence and his defamation of character with false claims. My attorney is also reaching out Spartan to question their statement, solely based on an unverified blog post from ORM.


I am hurt. I have received many threats to myself, my team and my family. It has affected my business, friendships and future. I have also received support tenfold to those threats, through messages, but they are worried to speak up because of the potential repercussions, as Matt has shared people’s support of me on his platform via screenshots which include their name to promote attacks on them and to mute their voice. No one wants to call a victim a liar because now they are viewed as a monster. Yet there are people who will go to these depths, abusing their power, taking advantage of people’s trust and triggering people who have unfortunately been legitimately sexually assaulted. It is unfathomable and it should not be tolerated.


Even with seeing this evidence, I’m aware that not everyone will believe me, but I hope it gives strength and peace to those who have believed in me or paused to pass judgement without proof.


Matt's position in the media is much more powerful than I could have as a leader of a Facebook group. He is abusing this role for his own power trip. He has shared his struggles with mental health issues publicly and while I am rightfully angry, I am also concerned that this unchecked behavior and mob mentality he is provoking is a threat to us all. 




ORM Story Listed above









**The content of this website is published in the United States of America and persons who access it agree to do so in accordance with applicable U.S. law. All opinions expressed by Ameer Haroun on this website and on the show are solely Haroun’s opinions and do not reflect the opinions of OCRM Network or their parent company or affiliates, and may have been previously disseminated by Haroun on television, radio, internet or another medium. Haroun’s opinions are based upon information he considers reliable, but neither OCRM Network nor its affiliates and/or subsidiaries warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such. Haroun, OCRM Network, its affiliates and/or subsidiaries are not under any obligation to update or correct any information provided on this website. Haroun’s statements and opinions are subject to change without notice.** 









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